EFI-Solutions' quality standards assure dependable service every time.

Without question, EFI-Solutions is FIRST in service and support before, during, and after the sale. Whatever the situation - delivery of the finished product, start-up, or operator instruction - you interact with people who are full-time, specialized employees from the EFI-Solutions family.

If a warranty problem should occur, the start-up report instructs the operator to request the assistance of the service technician who performed the original start-up. The confidence developed between the operator and this EFI-Solutions service technician enhances the communication necessary to quickly recognize the cause of the trouble. Whether it is a component or operational problem, it is resolved by an EFI-Solutions trained expert.

EFI-Solutions continues to improve customer service and response by establishing authorized regional franchise service centers around the United States.  We have subsidiary locations with trained service personnel and have entered into partnership agreements in other locations with both mechanical and electrical teams ready address to any critical issues.

EFI-Solutions is a CLA-VAL Sales & Service Center. We now offer support for CLA-VAL components and parts within and outside of EFI stations.  We can assist with new valve applications and support existing valves in service. We have a large selection of CLA-VAL parts in stock at the factory and at most of our regional service centers.

EFI-Solutions offers Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements. Our experienced technicians will schedule regular trips to your equipment location and perform maintenance check-ups. EFI-Solutions will inspect every aspect of your station and make recommendations to ensure long service life to your equipment and prevent costly downtime.  Additionally, Wire-to-Water Testing can be performed to ensure your field equipment is in top working order.  Training is also available for any operations or maintenance personnel within your company.

And EFI-Solutions is offering Extendable Warranty Agreements. This is the same guaranteed coverage you are familiar with from us here at                  EFI-Solutions. This is typically available for EFI stations when the warranty is about to expire and can continue the coverage period to a specified date.

  • To order replacement parts: 618-545-3699 during normal business hours or

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