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About EFI

What We Do

EFI-Solutions is known to be the Industry Leader in custom engineered pre-packaged water distribution equipment, but our capabilities extend far beyond the potable water business.  EFI-Solutions is a custom manufacturer and specializes in designing and assembling systems that can be delivered to a customer's location and placed into the desired function with minimal on-site activity.  EFI-Solutions has extended the original EFI factory-built quality concept to include wastewater, power generation and distribution, industrial chemical processes, specialized mining applications, and OEM product applications to enhance other companies' marketplace offerings.

For over fifty (50) years, our product line has historically included: booster pump stations; pressure reducing, master meter and control valve stations; water treatment, chemical feed and process stations; re-use, raw water and wellhead stations.  These systems can be delivered in below-ground capsules, indoor and outdoor skids, exterior and interior enclosures, and walk-in buildings.  EFI-Solutions can easily adapt and assemble process systems from practically any industry to fit the factory-build advantage, and the integrations can be delivered utilizing the same support structures EFI has historically used.  Process Integration has been EFI-Solutions's forte for many years, and we are expanding to include a variety of industries.

You can count on EFI-Solutions for your engineering and design services that may include:

  • Process Analysis and Recommendations
  • System Master Planning
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Control Designs
  • Drafting Services
  • Application Engineering and Engineering Studies
  • Project Engineering and Project Management
  • Piping System Design and Layout
  • Equipment Specifications and Materials Lists
  • Pump Station Design and Rehabilitation
  • On-Site Services
  • Process Evaluation and Compliance Reviews
  • Services for Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal

EFI Factory-build Package Advantage

EFI-Solutions goal is to supply you with all the assembled components necessary to ensure easy and speedy installation. We can build your station to literally any size in our factory in Centralia, Illinois: from a single completed unit, to double-wide, double-long, two-story or a basement with a building above, simply let us design what will fit your needs.  And while EFI-Solutions manufactures your system, your site can be prepared at the same time, saving on completion time and overall cost. Your project will be manufactured by American Union Labor here in the "Heartland of America", and every EFI project is All American Manufactured Product.  Your system will have full function electrical and pressure testing before it leaves the factory to assure correct performance.  Then the completed product will be loaded and delivered on an company truck by an experienced company driver able to supervise off-loading (crane and rigging provided by Others).  Once completely installed, EFI-Solutions personnel will be there for Start-Up and Commissioning.

Backed by five decades' worth of experience, EFI-Solutions provides a single source for engineering, system designs, and the manufacture of custom equipment packages. From component selection to supervising installation and all processes in between, the EFI-Solutions’ engineering staff provides the in-depth technical expertise that has earned us our reputation as a first-class company.

How do we do it? Our products are engineered to allow manufacturing in a controlled environment while maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability. We can customize to fit any space/terrain below ground, above ground, inside or outside. Our clients tell us what they want the system to accomplish, along with the basic parameters, and then our team of qualified engineers, designers and technicians do the rest. We do not cut corners, and we will meet your exact specification by custom designing a complete system for YOU.

With over 150 employees and over 50 years experience, we are experienced and staffed to provide full in-house services to include: applications, estimating, sales coordinating, project management, engineering, submittals and O&M manuals, purchasing, production, delivery, start-up, and service. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we want to establish a relationship with the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor, so that when your next project comes up - you think of EFI-SOLUTIONS.

EFI's Custom Manufactured Product is more than equipment....It is an integral system including:

  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Start-up Services
  • Instruction
  • Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Service and Support