Walden Ridge

Factory-Built Booster Pump Station

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Project Data:

Project Scope: Transmit water by pumping from Tennessee American Water Chattanooga System to Walden’s Ridge Utility District System


  • 2 mgd (1400 gpm) initially – total suction flow with one pump running
  • 4 mgd (2800 gpm) future – total suction flow with two pumps running

Prefabricated, Factory-Built, 650-psi discharge pressure pump station with two 700-hp, 4160 VAC, 1,400-gpm vertical turbine pumps with switchgear and all mechanical components and systems, with building, base structure and HVAC system

Booster Station Design: Engineered Fluid, Inc. d.b.a EFI-Solutions

Installed Date: 12/05/05

Project required rapid completion from design to delivery because of pending penalty for not meeting supply contract requirements.


Owner – Tennessee American Water

Contractor: Tennessee American Water Co

Consulting Engineer – Consolidated Technologies, Inc.,  423-267-7613

EFI Contacts – Regional Sales Manager, Applications Engineer, 618-533-1351, [email protected]


Walden Ridge