Rancho Santa Fe

Factory-Built Skid Booster Pump Station

Rancho Santa Fe, California

Project Data:

Project Scope: Transmit water to 5000 homes in the Olivenhain MWD, taking water from one water zone reservoir and pumping it to a second reservoir.


  • 15.8 MGD (11,025 GPM) total station flow with three pumps running.

Prefabricated, Factory-Built, three separate skid booster pump stations with 220-PSI discharge pressure from vertical turbine pumps.

Booster Station Design: Engineered Fluid, Inc. d.b.a EFI-Solutions

Installed Date:    09/14/07



Owner – Kelwood General Partnership

Contractor – Olivenhain Municipal Water District

Consulting Engineer – Boyle Engineering, San Diego, CA

EFI Contacts – Huntington & Associates  Applications Engineer, 618-533-1351, [email protected]



Rancho Santa Fe