In the water industry, "EFI-Solutions" is a new name for a company that has existed for well over fifty (50) years, recently as Engineered Fluid Inc. and initially as Engineered Fluid Process.

With over 12,000 installations completed,  it is an understatement to declare we are well versed in the supply and assembly of pumps, valves, meters, and controls for water distribution systems. Providing sufficient water at an acceptable pressure is always a significant challenge, and EFI-Solutions is well-equipped to continue to meet this never-ending challenge. For potable, process, reuse, irrigation, and raw water systems, EFI-Solutions stands ready to supply the knowledge and hardware needed to move and control liquids.

Within every industry and each specific project, a set of unique requirements exists when it comes to managing that liquid.  EFI-Solutions is ready to address those specific conditions.   We engineer need-specific water specialties that take everything into account from flow rates to allowable pressures to reliability. We are proficient in the supply of chemical treatment systems that not only insure the safety of the product, but reduce degenerative effects from untreated liquids in pipelines and storage vessels. We are skilled with controlling the movement of liquids from Point A to Point B and beyond.  EFI-Solutions is prepared to meet the continuously varying demands of controlling water with systems that are built to last.