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Waste Water Solutions

Wastewater is any water that the quality has been affected by humans. It originates from the usage of water in domestic, industrial, commercial, agriculture, storm-water, surface runoff, and sewer inflow or infiltration environments. Containing wastewater is very important because if it's not held in the tank correctly, they can do harm to their environment.

Choosing a wastewater system that best suits your needs is easy with EFI-Solutions because we offer customization to fit your needs best. We always take into consideration your size specifications, capabilities, and location you want your waste water system to go. You will also have easy access to the safe collection of your waste water for proper disposal or treatment by using an EFI-Solutions Sewer-Shed™. Your everyday water usage will be able to be safely stored and have the components needed to run properly year-round.

Contact EFI-Solutions for design and ordering options at 618-533-1351.