Markets Served by EFI Solutions

For decades, EFI has served the potable water, waste and raw water, industrial, and mining industries with complete package assemblies that begin with raw steel and bare pipe that are transformed into a finished system when shipped.

The function of the vast majority of stations involve moving and controlling liquid between locations.  Control of the fluids can vary from simple local pressure switches or electromagnetic devices to programmable logic controllers (PLC) and SCADA Systems.

EFI-Solutions's enclosures, both below-grade capsules and above-grade buildings (and even some hybrid combinations), protect systems and equipment in an even wider variety of industries.  EFI-Solutions actively cooperates with OEMs interested in marketing their product(s) utilizing EFI turn-key enclosures.  Our expertise to install process systems within our enclosures, complete with electrical distribution and environmental controls, makes EFI-Solutions a unique partner for a manufacturer wanting to increase the scope of their offering to their market.